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Is your manuscript ready for publication?
  Assessing the publication readiness of your own writing is difficult. The magnitude of the process obstructs objectivity. Words and images accumulate over time, research multiplies, characters refuse to stick to the outline, and after several drafts, you suspect you may have lost touch with your original intentions. Or is it…could it be…brilliant? If only you could run the whole manuscript past someone knowledgeable…

Now that you've found Writing Partner, you don't have to go it alone!

Honest, detached, and comprehensive feedback (the kind you can't get from mom) will tell you whether you are meeting your writing goals. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, a clean manuscript, motivated characters, a well-defined narrative arc, and effective marketing materials are a must.

That's where writing-partner.com can help.

On this web site you'll find information on my full line of manuscript evaluation and editing services for
aspiring writers, published authors, and students. You may have come to this site looking for a book doctor—a term that implies your work is sick or broken and needs fixing—when all you need is a partner that can identify rough areas and offer suggestions for polishing it to brilliance.

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Want to check it out first? Here's a pdf sample of what you'll find: Nibs

Not ready to pay for editing services? Read this: Can I Get a Manuscript Evaluation for Free?

The publishing industry is tough to break into these days. If you go strictly by the numbers, the odds are against you. And if you do get published, lukewarm sales of your first book can make it even tougher to publish a second or third time. Yet there is reason for optimism. If you are patient, open to the critique process, and are willing to make pertinent revisions, you will improve your chances of publication.

I look forward to partnering with you,
Kathryn Craft

“Summon the courage to live out your dreams. None of us really knows how much time we have left. Writing is our task. It’s what we’re put on this earth to do. If you’re passionate about writing, don’t postpone the process. Write every day, filling your life with fearless imagination. Your writing may prove to be a struggle, but the discipline will give form and shape and substance to your life. Work hard. Persist.”
—Sue Grafton

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